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Can’t get enough of our menu? Quench It Soda offers catering to help you impress your clients, reward your staff or round off the perfect baby shower, wedding or event with our delicious treats and famed sodas. When you serve a spread from Quench It Soda, you can feel confident that the guests at your event will have their cravings satisfied and their thirst quenched.

We offer an array of high quality gourmet treats including cookies, pretzel knots and gourmet popcorn paired with the best tasting sodas and nugget crushed ice. Customize your drinks with quality mix-ins, or choose from our refreshing Italian sodas, fresh fruit smoothies or tasty hot drinks.

Don’t stress about how and what to feed your guests, let us take care of your delectable menu so that you can focus on creating the perfect event, meeting or get together. You can’t go wrong when you cater with Quench It Soda. We have amassed a loyal following of Quench It Soda addicts that simply can’t get enough of our irresistible goodies and drinks. We guarantee that (if they haven't already) your guests will be won over by our tasty treats and famed sodas.

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