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Are you looking for a profitable, fulfilling, and low-cost franchise opportunity? Quench It is quickly becoming one of the top soda shop franchises with an unmatched dedication to quality and customer service. We started our first soda shack in 2013 and have since grown to include locations throughout the state of Utah and beyond. Join the family of franchise owners and experience why after just one sip of our famed sodas and a nibble of our chewy treats, customers choose to "Quench" their thirst or satisfy their sweet tooth at our soda shacks over the competition every time.

From the original Heber shack spawned a thirst along Utah’s Wasatch Front that only "Quench It" could satisfy! Become one of our famed locations that is pioneering a unique and growing market with the best tasting sodas, quality mix-ins, fresh fruit smoothies, tasty hot drinks, and the highest quality gourmet treats around!

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More than a successful business!

When the Stover family moved to the Heber Valley in 2013, there was no place to drive thru to get a really good soda and treat. So Erika gave up her red pen as an English teacher and, with her husband and four daughters, opened up Quench It. They are determined to not cut any corners and work diligently to make sure that Quench It always offers their customers the best experience possible! This family-owned business has decided to open up and share the opportunities for success with others who have a similar vision of financial success, unrestricted potential, and an enjoyable and fulfilling operation.

Soda Shop Franchise

It’s no surprise our customers choose us over the competition every time! Quench It represents quality, family, and exceptional service. That’s why Chris and Erika are personally involved in each franchise. If you are looking for a profitable family business and are an entrepreneur with high energy, we would love you to be part of the team. Contact us if you want to open your own Quench It.

We are excited to share with you what owning a Quench It franchise can do for you and your financial future! Fill out the form to get started!

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